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Faculty: Library Resources & Services

Orientation to services and policies, and updates on new resources and initiatives.

eBook Options 

Bastyr Library has a collection of 1000 medical textbooks in eBook format.  Look at your existing resources - are there digital alternatives? Look at the library ebook collection to add eTextbook chapters and multimedia resources to your classes:

Remember that when adding eBooks to your courses, you don't have to commit to the whole textbook, you can pull in chapters from a variety of textbooks as you aren't asking students to buy multiple books!


What if we don't have the eBook you want to assign?

The library is unable to license individual titles - however, if you find an eBook that is perfect for your class and want to assign it as a required text, you can do so with the the expectation that students should acquire their own copy. Again, remember that eBooks are generally cheaper than a physical textbook and can often be "rented" from the publisher for a relatively low cost.


Open Access, Open Educational Resources and temporary free access

Open Access resources are resources that are made freely available for use.  The Open Access movement has been gaining ground and is seeking to break down barriers to information.  In the case of scholarly publishing, Open Access is particularly focused on providing free access to scholarship that has been publicly funded. Several funding bodies now have made it a condition of the funding that any publications from the research will be made available.

Open Educational Resources are materials created for educational purposes that are available for use and reuse in the public domain, or under a Creative Commons License.

In response to the Covid-19 social distancing, several publishers are providing temporary free access to their resources.  We will post links to these resources here, but please note the limited timeframe and the conditions that each publisher is putting on usage - the library will not be able to license any services that you choose to use once the free access period is over.

Note: many "free trial" options are not available for everyone, common restrictions that have applied to Bastyr include restrictions to Medical Schools only, or to semester based schools.

Open Access Textbooks

General OER


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