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Faculty: Library Resources & Services

Orientation to services and policies, and updates on new resources and initiatives.

Required vs Recommended Texts

Course Reserves allow resources to circulate on a faster turn-around.  We use this system to help ensure more students get the opportunity to use high-demand course-related materials.

Please consider the following distinction:

  • Required texts:  the expectation for required texts is that students will have their own copy, as they need to access it frequently to succeed in that course.
  • Recommended texts: these are materials that will be referred to and used in the course, but that the student may not need to purchase.

The library will put materials on Course Reserve at the instructors' request.  However, students should not rely on the Course Reserve to provide access to all required texts.   Please also note that during Covid restrictions, even though a book is available on Course Reserve, it doesn't mean that all students will be able to get to campus to access it.

Whenever possible, we recommend digitizing excerpts from "recommended" texts, within Fair Use guidelines, and making them available in your course.

Putting Items on Reserve

►Required and recommended textbooks: go to the faculty portal; click on course management/my courses/course options/course textbooks/add textbook and fill out the form. The library will receive a copy from the bookstore. The library places any copies of both required and recommended texts on reserve so that students have an equal opportunity to check them out.  
NOTE: the library will often buy copies of recommended texts that we don't already own, but will not as a rule buy copies of required textbooks. 

►Audiovisual materials and special items such as flashcards: come in or contact the library.

Kenmore:, 425.602.3020

San Diego:, 858.246.9714


CA Campus Address: Library Bastyr University 4106 Sorrento Valley Blvd. San Diego, CA 92121 Phone:(858) 246-9714 | Email: | Text:(425) 947-2486

WA Campus AddressLibrary Bastyr University 14500 Juanita Dr NE Kenmore, WA 98028 |  Phone:(425) 602-3020 | | Text:(425) 947-2486 | Chat: Chat with a Librarian

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