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Finding Ayurveda Books in the Library

Search for books, DVDs, Historical Collection, Course Reserves, and more.. Bastyr University Library is one of the top academic and research collections focusing on natural health and traditional medicines - explore it today!

Full Koha Catalog Access

You can use the library catalog to search for Ayurveda books.  

  • Keyword Searches
    • Different searches can produce different search results - you can try both these approaches to ensure you don't miss anything:
      • Use the Advanced Search with the Boolean operator "OR"  
        • e.g.  Ayurveda OR Ayurvedic  
      • Truncating the search term by replacing the ending of the word with (*)  
        • e.g.  Ayurved*    Adding the asterix tells the catalog to search for Ayurved-ic and Ayurved-a etc

Ayurveda includes many facets, including philosophy, herbal medicine, nutrition,  massage and cleansing.  Depending on the area of Ayurveda that you are focusing on, these terms could be part of your search

  • Subject Terms
    • Keywords can be tricky to use as the spellings of various principles and texts can vary when they are transliterated in to English. In this case, you may find the library catalog's subject headings helpful:  
      • Medicine, Ayurvedic -- Early works to 1800
      • Medicine, Ayurvedic -- India

​​Remember to change the drop down menu to "Subject" when using these search terms!

  • Browsing
    • Browsing is a great way to discover resources on your topic. Here are three areas with resources on various aspects of Ayurveda.
      • General books: R603 - R609​
      • Ayurvedic herbs: R180​
      • Ayurvedic cookbooks: TX124.5

Selected Overview Texts

Search Tip: Dr David Frawely, Dr Robert Svoboda and Dr Vasant Lad have authored many texts of different aspects of Ayrvedic Medicine - try searching the library catalog using their names to see find more by these authors.

Ayurvea Key Texts and Translations

Ayurveda Medicine draws on three central texts, the senior triad: 

  • Caraka Samhita  
  • ​Sushruta Samhita
  • ​Astangahrdaya Samhita

These texts are available in translation from the original Sanskrit, some sample of the BU Library holdings are below; searching for these texts can be tricky as the English spelling isn't standard, for example Astangahrdaya shows as As?t?a¯nga hrdayam in the catalog!

The minor triad texts are also available from the BU Library


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