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Choosing a Database

For purposes of research, it’s inefficient to scan through individual journals; instead you want to use databases to search across thousands of articles by topic.  

When looking at the library’s database list, think about your topic before choosing which one to use:

  • What type of information are you looking for? (clinical trials, literature reviews; popular articles)
  • Consider the subject content of database (PubMed: biomedical, PsycINFO: psychological) and determine which database is likely to have studies on your topic.
  • Do you have to have the full-text of the article or can you use citations with abstracts?

Then review the database descriptions to find the right match for your needs.

Bastyr Databases with Ayurveda Content

A complete list of Bastyr Library databases is available, from the library homepage, but the suggestions below are most likely to help you find information pertaining to Ayurveda.

Remember that the research base for Ayurveda is small, so use a search strategy to help ensure you don't miss valuable resources.

Finding Ayurveda articles

The research base for Ayurvedic Medicine is small, so when you are searching for relevant articles, you may find that you don't get many results.

Using broad searches will help make sure you don't miss anything!   The following keywords and search strategies can help you find the resources you need.

Keywords that you may want to try, include:

  • Ayurveda
  • Ayurvedic Medicine
  • Siddha Medicine
  • Hindu Medicine

Keyword searches are the most effective way to search most databases for Ayurveda research.  

Combine keywords using Boolean operators (AND | OR | NOT) to find articles that are most relevant to your questions:

e.g.  Ayurveda AND osteoarthritis 

Ayurveda Journals

These journals focus on Ayurveda, in addition to these specific titles, research pertaining to Ayurveda can also be found in our databases.

Search tip: When looking at a journal that is focused on Ayurveda, remember you don't need to include Ayurveda in your search - you can probably use something more specific, for example you could search for assessment by using the terms: Prakruti OR Vikruti


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