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Confused about when you should cite? Don't know APA from AMA? This guide provides general information about how to cite your sources. For specific examples of how to cite, see the AMA and APA tabs, or refer to the complete style manual in the Reference section of the library.

If you don't know what style to use for an assignment, ask your instructor. And remember, Academic Honesty and plagiarism are mutually exclusive! If you have additional questions, contact your friendly librarians.

1. If you know the citation style you need (APA, AMA,) click on the tab. If you aren't sure which citation style to use, ask your instructor. If your instructor doesn't have a preference, use APA, because it's easiest to use.

2. Each style guide page includes basic examples (for how to cite a journal, book, etc.)

3. For more examples, especially electronic, look for the Purdue OWL link.

4. If you can’t find a matching example, come to the library and look in the reference manual, or ask at the front desk for help.

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Formatting and style guides are essentially "road maps" for writing reports, capstones/theses, journal articles,textbooks, etc.; they ensure consistency in the way written information is sourced (cited) and presented.

The primary styles used in academic are: American Medical Association (AMA), American Psychological Association (APA), and the Modern Language Association (MLA); the Chicago Manual of Style, another major guide, is used primarily for textbooks and PhD dissertations.


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