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FAQs: Library Privileges & Perks after Bastyr

Q. Will I have off-site access to the MyBU databases and e-journals after I graduate?

A. The library has looked at this issue in detail and for many reasons, including technical limitations, can’t offer it. The database licenses only allow current students, faculty and staff to use them. This is standard practice for academic libraries. You're welcome to use the databases and other resources on-site at the Kenmore or San Diego campuses. In addition, if you're licensed in Washington State, you can register for Heal-WA, an evidence-based suite of resources.

Q. What is Heal-WA and am I eligible?

A. Heal-WA is an evidenced-based suite of resources paid for by your licensing fees. If you're licensed in Washington State and are an eligible practitioner, you may register. Heal-WA subscribes to many of the same databases as Bastyr.

Q. I heard that Heal-WA doesn't have UpToDate but the database offers a special rate for graduates. Is that true?

A. ​There's a special rate for graduates but only for a limited period of time. See the details here or contact

Q. Can I still access PubMed?

A. Yes. PubMed (Medline) is a free database ( However, the free version has less full-text than the one you've been using through the MyBU Library databases page. The good news is, the number of studies that PubMed offers in full text is increasing.

Q. Where can I find full-text articles?

A. Explore your nearby universities and colleges, especially the ones with medical and allied health programs. They're likely to have full-text medical databases such as CINAHL and Medline with Full Text

Q. What resources do public libraries have?

A. It varies, but go to your local branches and consult with a librarian. They'll know what resources are available even if they're not subject experts. Also, some public libraries offer free interlibrary loans. King County and San Diego County libraries do not charge for this service. However, the lending libraries may charge a fee.

Q. Do my professional organizations have free research?

A. Contact your local and national professional organizations (they have limited free research) and network with your colleagues online and at conferences. Also, see the Websites tab for your program.

Q. Will I have access to the Clinic documents after I graduate?

A. Yes! You'll access them in the same way as when you were a student using your MyBU login (MyBU/Clinic/Clinic Documents). You can also access the documents from the Practice Management and Naturopathic Med tabs on this guide.

Q. Will I have access to Canvas course pages after I graduate?

A. No. Course content pages are removed at the end of every quarter to comply with copyright guidelines.

Q. What about the Clinical Portal. Will I still have access?

A.  Yes, but you will only have access to the free databases/websites not licensed information. If you're practicing in Washington state and are eligible for Heal-WA (2nd question) see the Toolkit for your discipline, which will have many of the same databases/resources as the Bastyr library.



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