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Supplementary Resources: Home

Supplementary Resources is Being Retired!

Supplementary Resources served to allow access to selected online materials for the university.  However, with the development of the Library Website, Canvas, and SharePoint - which all allow for appropriate, organized storage and sharing - it's time to retire Supplementary Resources, and move towards building a true Institutional Repository.


Institutional Repository Coming Soon...

An Institutional Repository will focus on storing, organizing, and providing access to the scholarly products of the University.  It will include materials like theses, capstones, and the Bastyr Materia Medica.

The library will be working to develop this during 2020.

IR will include:
  • Capstones & Masters Projects
  • BU Symposia
  • Eventually, all scholarly output from BU can be housed here.
Library is developing new "homes" for:

AV recordings

NPLEX Study Guides

Content that is being removed - get copies before Oct 31st 2020
  • Center for Health Policy and Leadership      
  • Center for Social Justice and Diversity                 
  • Class Notes  
  • Medical Spanish Resources                                  
  • Permanent Resources      *DEPTS PLEASE DOUBLE CHECK*                         
  • Presentations, Town Hall Meetings, Lectures                     


Supplementary Resources will be taken offline on October 31st.  The library will provide access to the AV Recordings, Capstones & Theses, and NPLEX content via this page until the new Institutional Repository is fully launched.

If you have any questions about accessing materials formerly stored on Supplementary Resources, please contact the library.



Botanical Medicine Resources

Botanical Medicine Resources

The majority of the resources in the Bot Med folder are available in the library, or online.  

Refer to the Herbal Science Guide for research and resources!

The original Materia Medica (2003) is being retired. The 2003 version will be available in Supplementary Resources until that technology is disconnected (Summer 2020).  New updated resources are in development, but the library does not house the updated versions.  Please contact the Bot Med dept for more information.

Materia Medica

Theses and Capstones


Bastyr electronic theses from 2012 onward are available in ProQuest Dissertation and Theses database.

Capstones and Masters Projects

Dept. of Public Health and Dept. of Midwifery and Maternal and Child Health Systems masters projects and independent projects are available by request. 

School of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine capstones are available in the print collection from 2007-2010; 2018 - 2022 available on request.

Please reference the indexes below and email

AANP and other AV Recordings

AANP and other AV Materials

The large collection of AV material in Supplementary Resources will be indexed here and available by request.  Please email